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Moptimism. It’s what I like to call that special brand of optimism that I think only moms possess. It’s that absolute, 100% conviction that THIS time, something will be different. As some of you might already know, Maciek likes to keep his parents on his toes by being the world’s best night sleeper (11 hours through the night with only one feeding? Yes, please) but by completely forgetting what sleep is during the day. Prince Maciek refuses to sleep unless he is being held by Mama, held tight to keep from squirming, with a pacifier jammed into his mouth and a blanket over his head (any worries of missing impending suffocation disappear when considering what a loud, slurpy, heavy-breathing sleeping baby Maciek can sometimes be. You’ll for sure know if something changes). And knowing this propensity of his to fight sleep, I still caught myself in a bout of moptimism today.

You see, I had this brilliant thought that maybe, just maybe, if I put him to sleep in the magic way and then set him down in his crib, he just might sleep. Yes, I have tried this a million times before. And no, it has hardly ever worked. But I think that’s what moms do best – see the potential where other people would have given up. It’s what keeps us going through every nap time, every feeding, every crisis – next time, something will be different. And you know what? I think we usually end up being justified in our endless optimism. Things always do change for the better. Even when, right now, your baby is a-hootin’ and a-hollerin’ until you put him to sleep just so. It’ll all work out.

And you know, Maciek stayed asleep (in his crib!) the whole time it took me to write this, about 25 minutes or so. That means he’ll do it this easily every day from now on, right?


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  1. Looooovvvee this post :-)! And yes, we are the BEST at Moptimism (I think this word will catch on—see if we will be “googling” it next year!)

    • Thanks for reading the post! And yeah, we’ll see how well the word catches on… From watching all the awesome moms in my life, I’m pretty sure the concept is already pretty widespread!


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