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The Fruits of My Labor

Ok, I take it back. I take it alllll back. What a fool I was on Friday, thinking that fruit needed chocolate to go with it. The cake I made this weekend proved me completely wrong. This luscious and delicious cake has fruit IN the cake, in the frosting ON the cake, and in BETWEEN the layers (how’s that for a lesson on prepositions?). And so, I present you with the fruits of my labor:

What a good helper.
Maciek helping me bake.

And now, the cake: πŸ™‚


And again:


And an inside view:


I’d say it turned out pretty good, considering this is what it was supposed to look like:


Not bad, eh? Although I clearly need to work on my icing abilities and my skills of a photographer. That’s a pretty good-looking cake.

Anywho, this cake was a Strawberry Dream Cake, taken from the latest issue of Cook’s Country magazine. I’d never had a strawberry cake before, but I have to say, it’s awesome for the summer and I’d definitely make it again. The cake batter has strawberry juice, the frosting has strawberry pulp, and then there are fresh strawberries layered with frosting in between the cake layers. Yum! All in all a pretty fantastic cake, and proof that fruit can stand on its own two feet, no chocolate or freezing required. Just flour, sugar, and lots o’ butter…


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  1. Love the pictures! (AND the one that is not edible :-). Good job…and how did it taste?


  3. Niki Demkowicz

    Johanna says, “PLEASE don’t let James eat the last slice!” Haha. Looks delicious! Can’t wait to taste it πŸ™‚


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