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Baby stores are awesome. You moms know what I’m talking about. And no, I don’t mean stores where you buy babies, as James always asks when I say I’m going to the baby store. I mean stores that sell stuff for babies. And let’s be honest here, moms, these stores are NOT meant for the babies. They are most certainly meant for the moms.

For those of you pre-children people, you know that feeling you get when you walk into your favorite clothing store or technology store or stuffed-giraffe store? Yeah, that’s the feeling that moms get when they walk into a baby store. Except times like 100. Especially when they go into a store like the one I went to today where you can TRY EVERYTHING OUT. These words, my friends, are probably the last thing any baby wants to hear, because Mama is going to be toting that poor baby around the whole store and putting him inside every seat, carrier, and toy she can just because, you know, we’re here and we might as well do it while we have the chance.

If this sounds a little odd to you, you have to remember the situation that baby mamas find themselves in. If they’re lucky enough to get stay home with their babies, they often do just that – stay at home with their babies. Random outing to grandma’s house or crowded outlet mall aside, we mamas spend most of our days at home, playing with baby, feeding baby, putting baby to sleep. Other ventures outside of the house disrupt our carefully planned schedules, fry babies with 107-degree heat, and otherwise threaten to rip apart the very fabric of our lives (having a very persnickety baby when it comes to sleeping doesn’t help either)! So on the off-chance that we mamas get to get out and DO something, we’re like bears coming out of hibernation, blinking blearily at the bright, beautiful world outside. Combine that feeling with the fact that all we think, sleep, and breathe is baby, and you can understand why going OUT to a BABY store is possibly the coolest thing ever. Plus, who doesn’t want to play with the newest gadgets and hoo-has, even if they’re meant for people 97 times younger than you. Ahem.

Look at all the nothingness!

At least Maciek’s enjoying himself.

So let me tell you, friends, if you want to have a rip-roarin’ good time, go to your local baby store. Just make sure to have a cooperative baby with you. In fact, maybe I should start renting out Maciek by the hour for that purpose… Any takers?


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  1. Yep…that’s about the jist of it….PLUS, there is a cool “for momma’s only” coffee machine thingy for sampling your favorite brew, a $300+ baby mover that has tons of bells and whistles (AND that Matthias likes), AND a special scale to weigh your baby on :-O!

  2. We have the exact same Exersaucer as the picture. It’s a brilliant toy. Highly recommend it.


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