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Java Jello

So, my friends, it is time for another dessert post! As some of you may know, a certain *someone* has kept me slightly busy and tired this week, so I wanted to take a low-key approach to this weekend’s dessert. And this dessert is about as low-key – and yet delicious – as they get. I give you (drumroll, please)…



So, this dessert may sound kind of weird, but it is simply delicious. It requires only four ingredients and about, oh, 6.7 minutes of time to prepare. So fantastic for a tired Mama.

I have actually prepared this dessert before, so this wasn’t a new one for me. I was first attracted to it because of the simple fact that it was made of coffee. Anyone who knows me knows that right up there with desserts and Maciek on my love-list is coffee (ok, I suppose Maciek wins out. Aaaand I guess James is up there, too.). Sometimes a great cup of coffee can even – gasp – outweigh dessert in my estimation (that’s when you know it’s serious). So a dessert that completely showcases my favorite bean had to be tried. It was attractive again this weekend because of its simplicity. Being absolutely yummy doesn’t hurt, either.

So without further ado, here it is!

Double Jello Shot.

The only coffee you can have right-side up:

Coffee jello is a-ok.

Or upside-down!

Upside-down coffee is great, too!

Goooood stuff.

Even better up close.

And for those of you that want to try it yourself, check it out here. Happy jello-ing!


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  1. Oh, yummy!!! (And it IS….except I have to have it before noon because of the caffeine 😦

  2. haha the pictures are cute

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