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Parlez-vous français?

I’ve decided that in my spare time (ha!), I need to learn French. And by learn French, I really mean re-learn French. You see, I took French for four years in high school and even managed to do well on the AP (pretty good considering several hiring snafus kept me from actually having a French teacher my senior year. Good times.), but I just feel like I’ve lost all of that in the last six years. I could probably read a children’s book ok, but writing or speaking? Eehh, not so much.

So learning French is going to become my new hobby (don’t worry, the dessert-making will never go away. EVER.). In fact, I’m tempted to set myself a very specific, silly goal. Next summer, my little nuclear family should be making its first trek to Europe to visit family and sightsee and whatnot. How cool would it be if I managed to convince random fellow travelers that, indeed, James has a European wife, but a *French* one, not a Polish one? The silly part about all of this, besides the fact that, um, who cares if I’m French or Polish, is that we most likely won’t even set foot in France next year. So how would I even show off my French-ness? By randomly speaking French to Maciek and James, of course. Which I think will confuse people even more seeing as how I’ll be speaking French, James will be speaking English, and Maciek will be babbling in Polish and English? Yeah. Weird.

So maybe I won’t set myself THAT particular goal. It seems a little… nonsensical. But I really would like to pick my French back up again. That way, if we do set our six feet in France, I’ll at least be able to order us a decent coffee. And some dessert.


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  1. Not silly….cool and fun!

  2. That sounds awesome! Oui Oui!!! 🙂


  4. it will be fun. I got Rosetta Stone for a gift months ago and although I don’t use it every day; I am convinced I can learn the language better if I practice more often. Bonne chance! (Good luck, if my memory is correct!)

    • Merci, Ramona! I’ve heard lots of good things about Rosetta Stone but I know it’s a little pricy. I’ll give it a go on my own first and see how things progress. Good luck with it, though – hope it goes well!

  5. I guess it takes a while for Tata’s nagging you when we were in France to set in… 🙂


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