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Today’s blog post: A novel

Phew. So after several days of not much to write about, I have an overabundance of things to share, not the least of which is this week’s dessert. But you’re going to have to wait for that because I’ve got other things to say first (*laughs malevolently*).

First, this week was kind of tough. Between Maciek still taking his short catnaps during the day and James working crazy-long hours because of a big push a work and me not getting enough sleep because I’d try to do as much as I could in the evenings after Maciek went to sleep, I was starting to go a little nuts. I’ve really dedicated myself to staying at home (or at the most, venturing out to one Grandma’s house or the other) as much as I can so Maciek could have a stable sleeping environment – and I have to say, it’s definitely paid off. Since I’ve last written about his sleeping habits (which is no true indication of how often I actually think about his sleeping habits, seeing as how I eat, sleep, and breathe thinking about how he sleeps), we’ve made progress. I can now put Maciek to sleep and then set him down (gasp!) in his crib, every time. This has given me a little more time to get things done, although it really is just a little bit – he won’t sleep longer than 35 minutes at a time. It’s INSANE. I’ve often wondered how wee little Maciek would do in the wild; he doesn’t even have the basic instinct to sleep. How is that? I thought every living creature knew to regenerate itself when needed! No. Not Maciek. But like I said, I can now set him down. I have to remind myself we are constantly making progress.

But then, today, he did something WONDERFUL. You see, when he wakes up after 35 minutes, he’s never actually fully rested. I always try to coax him back to sleep but somehow it fails every time. Even if I pick him up and put him to sleep, he’ll wake up a few minutes after I set him back down. Sad times. However, this morning I set him down for his morning nap as usual and he slept his usual 45 minutes (his one morning nap is somehow longer than his other naps. Go figure.) and then woke up. The difference was that *this* time, two of my coaxing tries were enough to get him to go back to sleep. FOR ANOTHER 45-50 MINUTES. I couldn’t believe it! It was très exciting and literally made my whole day.

Who, me? Not sleep? Bah!
Cute kid.

At this point I should say that I realize that probably NO ONE else finds this as exciting as I do, but to a sleep-deprived, at her wits’-end Mama, this kind of stuff is golden. And it’s my blog, so nanny-nanny-boo-boo and all that.

Secondly, I am so super excited to have purchased two wonderful, glorious new dessert cookbooks. One is all about pretty and special cakes (although the author clearly uses that term loosely, seeing as how the book has cupcakes and tarts also) and the other has got to be the mother of all dessert cookbooks. Honestly. I’m pretty sure this thing is heavier than my college circuits textbooks, and that’s saying something. If I get my act together, I’ll definitely post a picture of it. It’s crazy. In any case, I’m so excited because these books represent an endless abyss of new dessert ideas. I’m pretty sure that between the two of them, I could bake for the rest of my life and never run out of recipes. Awesome.

Aaaaaand that’s about it. So it’s been a pretty good weekend to cap off a sometimes-frustrating week. ‘Til next time!

What? What dessert? Oh, you mean the dessert I make every weekend? What? That dessert? Ok, fine. 🙂 Here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with… Bananas Foster!

James helping me spoon up deliciousness.

Served over vanilla ice cream.

So delicious you have no idea.

I was tipped off to this week’s dessert when my mother-in-law sent me a link to a blog she and my sister-in-law absolutely love. I’d never checked it out before, but I clicked on the link to see what it looked like – and the Bananas Foster caught my eye. I immediately found myself thinking, “Man, I wish I had an excuse to make this dessert some time. Oh WAIT. I write a blog about desserts. Sweet! (no pun intended (ok, maybe a little)).” In an effort to cut down on the novel I’ve already written today, I’ll let you check out the full recipe here, but suffice it to say that this thing has copious amounts of butter, brown sugar, pecans, and rum (and fire!) and is absolutely scrumptious.

Next week, however, I think I’ll go back to baking. As awesome and low-key as these last two desserts have been, I’ve really missed getting my kitchen all floury and spiking up my AC bills by leaving the oven on and really getting into some good old-fashioned baking. So stay tuned for next week’s BAKED dessert. I hope you’re as excited as I am!


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  1. It was delicious! And Maciek definitely looks like a little cherub baby when he sleeps 🙂


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