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Ok, I admit it, I was a little sluggish last night. I thought I had a good post going, all about my opinion on cooking and last night’s dinner and everything. SURELY I could write a whole tantalizing post about my easy, scrumptious dinner and no one would care WHAT I actually cooked. Right.

Well, here, in a nutshell (ok, on a plate), is last night’s dinner:

Cooking was worth it.

Ta-da! I have to say one more time, this dinner was awesome. Tuscan pork medallions with a pan sauce made of cream, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto, basil, and tomatoes; fresh mashed potatoes; and HOMEMADE pesto. I don’t know why, but the pesto is what really did it for me. And, wonder of wonders, it’s actually really easy to make! A handful of ingredients in the food processor and you’ve got fresh, homemade pesto ready to go. Good stuff. This isn’t the exact recipe I used, but it’s pretty close (just no parsley). If I learned anything from last night’s blue moon dinner, it’s that pesto is crazy easy to make. And we should make it ALL the time.

Anyway, see you at the next “real” post – it’s dessert time!


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  1. Christine Julien

    Beautiful! I will get Tim to put this in his queue…


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