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(Sort of) A holiday weekend

Apparently this brand-new, electrical-engineering-textbook-sized dessert cookbook spells BAD news for me. It has so many interesting recipes, I just want to gobble the whole thing down at once. Both the recipes AND the desserts they make. Bad news.

So this weekend, which is James’s and my Labor Day weekend since crazy deadlines at work caused James to have to postpone his holiday, I went for a double-header. I had James look through the cookbook with me and we just could not pick one recipe to try out, so we settled on two of our favorites. And trust me, settling on only two was difficult enough.

But before we turn to the all-important topic of desserts, a round of applause for my smiley, beautiful baby boy who turns 4 months old today. Yay!

Practicing his gymnastic abilities.

It’s ok. You’re allowed to feel jealous.

And now, onto the desserts! The first is – exactly as it’s named in the book – a Chocolate Gâteau with Lemon, Raisins, Almonds, and Muscat Custard Sauce. This. Cake. Was. Amazing. As a snooty European, I like moister, richer, denser cakes – more akin to tortes – more than the types of cakes you normally see in America, i.e. the typical “box mix” cake. This cake totally fit the bill. It was practically flourless, with a copious amount of delicious chocolate and butter holding the cake up. The lemony flavor came from fresh lemon peel and the almonds were toasted, but the raisins were the best part. Prior to being baked in the cake, the raisins were steeped in Moscato (a sweet white wine), and the leftover Moscato went into making the delicious sauce. Let me tell you, the combination was heavenly. I’m definitely filing this recipe away into my list of favorites.

Here are some visual aids:

The cake in all its glory.

Look at the delicious expanse.

Awesome sauce.

Pretty good stuff, eh?

The second dessert of the weekend was Dark Chocolate Truffles with Honey and Lime. This dessert surprised me because I expected truffles to be extremely difficult to make. I will say, they are very time-consuming to form because you pretty much have to freeze them every few seconds while you’re working with them because they’re so melty. But the actual making of the ganache was pretty straightforward. I essentially threw together some good-quality chocolate, a mixture of fresh lime juice and melted honey, and some lime-infused whipping cream. I enjoyed these, too, although next time I might try halving the recipe, as it made a ton of these things. Now don’t get me wrong, too many truffles are never a bad thing but then you just HAVE to eat all of them. Poor us.

Delicious chocolate.

So there you have it. The special, albeit delayed, double-header, holiday-ish post. Hope it was worth the wait!


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  1. Holy Moly! Chocolate goodness!!! (As always, awesome pictures 🙂

  2. Thanks for the truffles! They were all melted, though. 😦 But they still tasted delicious! I dug in with my hands!


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