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…By which I mean people who kidnap babies.

But by which I also mean babies who nap. Which now includes (are you ready for it?) Maciek.


So I have concluded that a babynapper has babynapped my baby and replaced him with a babynapper, or a baby who naps.

Because, seriously. How else do you go from a baby who takes four half-hour naps per day to a baby who takes two 1.5-hour naps and is currently working on his third one? Practically overnight?! Yeah, I don’t know either. Alls I know is that I hope this pattern sticks.

I also am starting to believe that Maciek is a tricky genius. I read somewhere that babies’ sleep matures at four months. And when did Maciek start sleeping better? This past Monday. The day he turned four months old. I kid you not, friends. I think he realized that he only had four months to live it up in bad sleeping behavior so he took it for all it was worth, and then instantaneously switched over to “normal” sleeping when it was time to do so.

Crazy kid.

But hey, I’m not complaining. He’s getting enough sleep and I’m getting things done. Good stuff.

Here’s to you, babynapper!

Passed out.


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  1. Aww…he’s getting so big!!!

    Love you…Aunt Pam

  2. Yea for Matthias!!! (and you guys 🙂

  3. I’m so glad this pattern has stuck! He is RIDICULOUSLY adorable.

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