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Cakes, candy, birthdays, oh my!

Alrighty peeps, here’s this week’s dessert. This week was fairly easy to decide because – drumroll, please – it’s my nephew/godson’s fourth birthday and he needed a birthday cake! Yay!!!

My lovely godson Felek has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know, so I wanted to make a cake that would satisfy his sweetness craving but that the adults would like, too. I settled on a recipe called Birthday Angel Cake from one of my new cookbooks (the not-huge one); it’s an angel-food-esque layer cake with strawberry mascarpone filling and homemade cream cheese frosting. Topped with M&Ms. Enough sugar for Felek, I hope.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed with the way the cake itself turned out. Not only did I follow the (unfortunately rather vague) instructions closely, I’ve made a pretty decent angel food cake before, so I was sad to see my cake layers collapse. I went into panic mode as I was putting the cake together – I’m pretty sure some of you bakers can understand the horror of a failed dessert – but the support of my wonderful husband reassured me and everything turned out ok in the end. My niece even requested a second piece! High praise, indeed.

Also, one thing I learned from making this cake is that if you need a quick, easy cake filling, just blend together mascarpone and some fruit jam. So easy. So delicious. Try it out next time you’re stuck without a cake filling! Because, you know, that’s a pretty common situation to find yourself in.

Anyway, here’s the incriminating evidence:

Pretty good-looking kid's birthday cake, if I do say so myself.

M&Ms ready for their closeup.

Jaggedy cake.

The collapsing-ness of the cakes caused the jaggedy effect you see above. But the cake still tasted good, sssooooo it’s all good. 🙂

And, as a bonus, here’s the sweetie pie who satisfies MY sweet tooth:

I love you, too, cousin!


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  1. It was delicious! And so is Maciek 🙂

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