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This post brought to you by white chocolate

So, another weekend, another dessert post. I actually doubled up again this weekend due to the post-Polish-Mass social gathering that we have every two weeks; I made one dessert for that occasion and one, um, just because, as I do every weekend.

A random and fateful trip to Costco a few weeks ago (a friend let us borrow her membership card a few weeks ago, so we checked it out. Bad. Idea. Ever want to blow money on large packages of oh-my-goodness-of-course-we-need-three-pounds-of-chocolate-covered-almonds? Go to Costco.) left me in possession of a bag of hazelnuts. I didn’t even know you could buy hazelnuts in central Texas! Which is silly, I suppose. You can buy pretty much everything else, so why not hazelnuts? Anyhoo, I’d been wanting to bake/make something with hazelnuts forever (anybody who loves Nutella as much as I do will understand this desire), so finding a whole Costco-sized bag of hazelnuts was pretty much a culinary dream come true.

A quick perusal of my textbook-sized cookbook (I’ll put up a picture of it one day, I promise) led to the discovery of a coffee, hazelnut, and raspberry torte. YUM. Previous readers of this blog may remember that, you know, I do occasionally drink a sip of coffee now and again, so this dessert looked fantastic. It’s comprised of three light, hazelnut cake layers with a raspberry puree/jam mixture and coffee-white-chocolate frosting sandwiched in between.

This week’s post-baking lessons? Number one: I CAN properly fold beaten egg whites! The light fluffiness of the cakes comes from beaten egg whites and the cakes came out MARVELOUSLY. Unlike in other cakes I have baked. Which I still blame on the recipe.

Secondly, our local grocery store is anti-raspberry, apparently. For the second time I have been denied the privilege of purchasing raspberry jam (not preserves, jam) and they didn’t have frozen raspberries either. Fresh raspberries worked fine in the place of frozen, fortunately, but the preserves that I was forced to use had an undesired effect on the filling. Because preserves are not as gelatinous as jam is, the frosting in between the cake layers slid around on the jam and the cake layers slid around on the entire thing. Ah well. In the end the raspberry-ness just marbled into the frosting and the cake firmed up in the fridge and everything was fine.

It also helped that the cake was *delicious*. Since the Internet has yet to invent taste-o-vision, these pictures will have to be the next best thing.

Cake is already starting to ooze apart a bit.

Close-up of the oozing.

You can still see some raspberry goodness!

The slice in all its glory.

The second dessert I made is going to get shafted tonight because it was much simpler (still delicious!) and not as visually pleasing (still delicious!) and Internet frustrations on my end have made me tired. The second dessert was lime and white chocolate cheesecake bars. It was a simple, no-bake recipe, and it wasn’t overwhelmingly white-chocolatey, just really deliciously limey. Here it is in its one-picture glory:

Still delicious.

Did I mention that it had a crushed-Oreo crust? Good stuff.

Anyway, ’til next time. I can’t promise I’ll have any good posts written until I get this Internet issue resolved. Until that happens, here’s a cuteness overload to tide you over.

I love cakes, too!


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    And raspberry preserves > raspberry jam.

    • Thank you! I think it came out pretty delicious myself. 🙂 And I totally agree about the preserves-jam comparison; however, you can’t argue that jam IS more gelatinous than preserves are. Hence the messing-up-ness of my cake…


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