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Good News, Bad News

Which one would you like to hear first? I always prefer bad news first to get it over with, so here we go:

I am not crazy or spontaneous.

Sad, yes? My awesome crazy mission of last week did not succeed. But on the bright side, it’s not because I failed, it’s because I didn’t even try! That’s good… right? Anyway, just to not be mean, I’ll tell you what I was supposed to have done and why I didn’t do it.

Last week two Starbucks (Starbuckses?) opened in Austin. Both of these were offering FREE DRINKS FOR A YEAR to the first 100 customers at their grand openings. Can you imagine what this would have meant for someone like me? 52 x the-cost-of-a-grande-drink dollars, that’s what. The crazy part was that the Starbucks closer to me was opening at 5 AM and I was going to be all hard-core and show up at 4 and get those darned free drinks, thank you.

The night before, however, I found out that the free drinks were only valid at that particular Starbucks. SADNESS. I quickly realized that a round trip out to this Starbucks (about 14 miles away) would cost me about the price of a grande drink in gas. Ssssoooo. That plus the fact that I would have needed to get up at 3 AM made me decide that I wanted to do something crazy, not insane, so I very unspontaneously climbed into bed and forgot the whole thing.

And now, the good news.

It’s time for another dessert!

This weekend I tried my hand at my first cheesecake since I started this blog. I gave my beloved hubs the chance to pick this week’s dessert, and he picked a delicious crème fraîche cheesecake with honey-rum-roasted pineapple. Um. Yum?

Quick fact: crème fraîche is akin to sour cream, but a little smoother and sweeter. It’s still got a tang, though, so it added both some nice smoothness and lightness to the cheesecake.

I also got to use a vanilla bean for the first time ever in this dessert, so I was very excited about that. Until I found out that ONE vanilla bean costs nine dollars at our local grocery store! I seriously thought I read that price tag wrong, but no no, nine dollars it was. I went ahead and bit the bullet anyway because I really wanted to use that vanilla bean to get the experience and to do the cheesecake right. But I definitely sneaked off to Amazon right after I got home from the grocery store and found out that vanilla beans cost $0.50-$1 per bean there, depending on how many you buy. So let’s all definitely keep that in mind for any future culinary exploits.

(P.S. About the vanilla bean – actually really easy to use! And you can keep the bean once you’ve scraped the seeds out to make vanilla sugar! I’m most definitely looking forward to that.)

And now, without further ado, I give you cheesecake:


The cheesecake in all its glory.

Would you care for a slice?

A be-pineappled slice of cheesecake.


See the vanilla bean seeds?


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  1. I was VERY yum!!!!


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