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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

These are a few of my favorite things:

1) Couscous. Seriously, people. I’ve never been the hugest fan of pasta, and sometimes I’m just too lazy rushed to make a good pot of mashed potatoes. Couscous is *delicious* and so easy to make – pour some couscous into some seasoned boiling water and you’re done. So yummy.

2) Technology. Especially new technology and technology-influencing people. I get so geeked out looking at new Apple products, and Siri just looks awesome. Go check it out!

3) Cooking a simple, delicious dinner (hmm, must be a blue moon again). This recipe is one of our favorites. So easy, so good. Check this out, too!

4) Falling temperatures. No more 100-degree days for us (it IS October after all)! And a REAL possibility for rain this weekend, the weatherman tells me! Keep your fingers crossed!

5) TX-OU game coming up on Saturday. This one needs no explanation. If you’re a Longhorn, you get it.

6) Ice cream. We just watched a tour of Blue Bell’s factory on PBS. I so want to go do that now.

7) Going out to eat. We did The Melting Pot for ARW – yum. Dipping food in melted sauces is such a great idea. Just one warning, though – you WILL leave crazy full and your dinner WILL take 2.5 hours (those are two warnings I guess. Feel warned.). And it WILL be worth it.

8) Staying in. Nothing like getting to chill out, watch TV, read, and put your feet up. Evening-goer-outers, eat your hearts out.

9) This blog. I know it’s over there on my blogroll, but if you’ve never checked it out before, do. I’ve wasted every spare moment of the past few days wading through their archives. So funny.

10) My morning walks with Maciek. As soon as Mama can drag herself out of bed in the morning, we go on a quick walk (we try to leave before 8 AM). Maciek has for SURE come to expect these walks; if I drag my feet too badly or leave him with his Dad too long, he gets antsy and cranky. So the walk entertains him and wakes me up. It’s become one of my favorite parts of the day – yes, ME, the person who used to never get up before 10 on their own.

Here’s Maciek waiting for me to get ready in the morning:

"Really, Mama? Could we speed things up a bit? My stroller awaits."

11) My beautiful family. Especially this kiddo:

This is how he sucks his "thumb". Such a creative kid.

Hope y’all are enjoying your favorite things!


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  1. My favorite thing about this is that your number eight with the parenthesis turned into a 8)

  2. Those are ALL very good favorite things!
    YEA for rain, food, football and…….Maciek!!!

  3. Funny, how raindrops on anything are my favorites, too!


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