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Welcome to fall-y baking!

Alrighty friends, here we go. Dessert time!

There has been a recipe from my massive cookbook that’s been on mine and James’s must-bake list for a while now. It’s kind of a fall-y recipe, however, so I never felt like it would really fit in with 110-degree weather and whatnot. But NOW, NOW that we’re enjoying luxurious 90-degree weather in mid-October, well, the time seemed absolutely right for a fall-y cake.


In any case, this weekend’s delicious cake has got to be one of the most creative layer cakes I’ve seen in a while. It features orange cake layers (with double orange flavor – both orange peel and orange extract, which I’d never used before. Yay for new ingredients!), cranberry glaze, and brown-sugar frosting. So. Good. And so unique!

This cake would be really great for holiday baking as the flavors are very reminiscent of fall (got that yet? It’s a fall-y cake.), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You just can’t beat the combination of orange and cranberry for the holidays, and the brown sugar is a great bonus.

See here for some inspirational photos:


Actually turned out pretty good!

Making the sides purposefully not smooth makes icing so much easier!

I was really nervous about the piping, as I've probably only used an icing tip a handful of times.

The colors, the colors!

Here's a slice picture.

Babies don't eat cake, silly.

Maciek checking out my handiwork.

Sorry about the questionable quality of the last two photos. They were taken on the fly since we actually took this cake to a party of good friends of ours, and couldn’t take slice pictures before we left. When we got there, we got the amazing honor of having our cake used as the host’s birthday cake! Wow!

Happy birthday Kraft!

See? Candle. Proof that it was used as a birthday cake.

And that’s this week’s dessert! To make sure I don’t infringe on any copyrights, I’ll try to send you to online versions of recipes I find in books, so you can check out this gorgeous cake here.

Happy baking!


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  1. That cake looks really familiar. 🙂

  2. Beautiful!!


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