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Maciek’s growth chart

Maciek’s been growing like a weed recently. But Maciek grows on his own growth chart. A few recent milestones:

1. 5.5 months old.

2. About 19 pounds (maybe slightly more?).

3. No clue what his height/length is. I guess we’ll find out in two weeks or so, at his next check-up.

4. Stuck in limbo between 6-9-month and 9-12-month clothing.

5. Completely refused his pacifier at around 5 months. Just went from using it that morning to spitting out and chewing it that afternoon. Done.

6. …which leads me to: sleeping better! There was no way for us to help him sleep anymore since he refused his pacifier, so we just let him go at it. He learned to sleep better than he’s ever slept in about a day. Smart kiddo.

7. Tooth count: 2! Grandma got the honors of finding his second tooth. He can do some serious damage now!

8. Just survived his first Halloween party. He was absolutely adorable in his costume… for which I’ll make you wait until Monday to see. What? It’s not Halloween yet!

9. Working on sitting up on his own! We can sit him up and just stay close or put pillows around him in case he tips over, but he loves sitting on his own and seeing the world from a better vantage point and playing with his toys in a whole new way. Awesome.

10. About to start on solid foods. Which makes me really sad. It’s like he’s growing up and leaving his Mama behind. 😦 Not to mention feeding him now is so much easier and more convenient than feeding solids. I’m relishing these last couple of weeks before things get difficult and messy. And when we still get special Mama-and-Maciek time.

All this has gone by so fast, and I just can’t believe that it’s been almost half a year since he was born. Can’t he stay like this forever?

Found him like this after his nap. So cute.

My sweet baby boy.


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  1. Done this 4 times….it IS hard to see them grow up (sniff, sniff.) But they do turn into such awesome people….each step of the way 🙂


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