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There comes a day in every person’s life where they have to claim independence, spread their wings, and leave the nest.

Today was that day.

For Maciek.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. Perhaps the amazing milestone of STARTING SOLIDS is not that dramatic. But it sure does feel like that to Mama! Her little baby is all grown up and doesn’t need her anymore! At least not much. 😉

But yes, a batch of homemade sweet-potato baby food later and Maciek has started solids. So grown up! And so far it looks like he loves it. We started off with a small amount today just to be cautious, but this kiddo looked like he could have kept eating a lot more. So we’ll let him go at it tomorrow! I’m excited to see how much he’ll eat!

Here it comes!

Do I chew the spoon or eat off of it?

This eating off a spoon thing is not working.

But Mama's finger is the best spoon!


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  1. O. M. G. AHHHHH-DORABLE!!! And what a big boy 🙂

  2. Yummy, yummy! AND he’s the big 6 now….6 months old? Where did the time go?!


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